29 hours and 15 minutes



Well, we did it - in 29 hours and 15 minutes!

We started Ben Nevis at 6.40pm on Friday and came down at around 12am, then started Scafell around 8am and finally started Snowdon at 7pm on Saturday, coming down at midnight.

It was pretty hairy at times - coming down in the dark and wet at minus 2 or 3 degrees - but brilliant though. 

​Thank you very much for all your support. It's been very enjoyable (except the pain and fatigue!) and exciting. We drove a total of 1186 miles shared between four of us. On the team were:

  • Gareth Back
  • Ben Matthews
  • Jack Davis
  • Steve Dews
  • Chris Elms​

Tony Baker, Pete Davis, Sean McReadie and Marc Hemmens were all up for the challenge either as climbers or drivers but sadly had to pull out for various reasons. Tony sorted out the minibus hire and Pete lent us his satnav - thank you both!

From a personal point of view, it was a real privilege and honour to take on the challenge with such great people. We worked well as a team and looked out for each other all the way.

​We are all tired and aching but it was worth it!

I will put the total raised on this website when we know it. It currently stands at around £1500 after costs including the school children's three peaks assault course.

​The minibus hire cost £210 and the diesel costs ​came in more than expected at £236.81. Any other costs were born by the team. 

​You can see lots of pictures taken during the challenge ion the photo album on this website.

​Regarding the BT My Donate web page, we had some teething problems unfortunately. This was the first time I've used it and I suspect I may not have made the best of its features. I apologise because this meant that the running total wasn't visible, neither were your comments of support.

Again - thank you so much for your kind donation and support. All money raised beyond the costs of the challenge will be split evenly between the church and the school. The school plan to install a climbing wall in the Keystage 2 playground, and the church needs a new roof.

​With best wishes,

Chris Elms​

If you'd like to chat about this event please contact Revd Chris Elms on 01934 515 438.